I Have A Wireless Router Can I Hook Up A Printer To It?


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You're able to hook up a printer to a wireless router, as long as the wireless router that has a USB port specifically for a printer.  Here is a great article with more details:

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If you are looking to have a
wireless connection between the printer and the router, then you will need to
have a wireless printer, as it can be connected to the wireless router. If you
do not have a wireless printer, then you will be able to connect the printer to
the router using a USB cable if the router offers such a feature.

When I faced issues while
connecting my printer to the router I contacted an online computer tech support company and their technicians helped me
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I recently purchased an apple MacPro and I am having difficulty printing wireless.  I continue to receive a message that the printer is offline.  I have followed the instructions and I can only print from the Pro via usb cable.  Any suggestions
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Yes, you can hoop a printer with a wireless router. You can use a wireless printer too with a wireless router. Contact to for online computer support.

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