How Can I Hide A Wireless Connection?


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It is not possible to hide wireless network connection. But there are ways to hide the icon denoting the Wireless Network Connection in the control panel. For that first you would have to open the network connections folder and then select properties on the wireless adapter. Then look for a check box which says "Show icon in notification area when connected". It is located near the base of the property sheet.

Check this box and save the selected settings by clicking "OK". Then uncheck the box and you would see that the wireless network connection would no longer be visible in the system tray. But mark one thing that you will not be able to connect to wireless networks until the wireless network connections settings are cached.
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chidu kittad answered
You can hide the wireless connection throw many  way.  You just go to  my network place rigth click on that - RC on wireless network connection - go to properties - Show  icon in notification area when connected. And also disable the option ... Notify  me when this connection has limited or no connectivity.. And also disable the wireless network card for disconnecting wireless network.

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