How Do I Change My Settings For My Wireless Network Connection?


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Louise Gorman answered
When you set up a wireless connection there should be an icon which appears on your taskbar. The icon usually turns green when it has been set up to connect to a particular network. To change the settings for the wireless connection, doubleclick on the icon on the taskbar.

In this window, you can view which network you are connected to and all other available networks in the area. You can add a new wireless connection by clicking on 'Add', or view the properties of your current connection by clicking on 'Properties'. You can also turn the wireless connection on or off.

A quick way to alter some settings to your wireless connection is by right clicking on the icon on the taskbar. This gives you options such as turning the wireless connection on or off or hiding the icon on the taskbar (it is probably better to keep the icon so that you can tell how good the signal is).

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