I Recently Bought A Wireless Router, But My Computer Doesn't Have A Network Cable Port. Is Their Any Other Way To Connect My Computer To The Router When The Router Only Has Network Cable Ports?


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Asuka Jr. answered
If you go to your nearest computer/electronics store, you should be able to buy a small device that connects to your USB port that will allow you to connect to the router via ethernet cable. However, this should only be used for setup purposes, as the data throughput is pretty limited. For long-term use, you should either buy a wireless card to install (assuming we're talking about a desktop), or an ethernet card to keep the computer constantly wired to the router (granting greater security and higher bandwidth. Wired is always faster than wireless), also be sure to set wifi security on the router, so others can't just use your internet (or try to hack your network) as they please...
Hope that helps!
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Ian Brown answered
No! You need to purchase a network adapter or at least borrow one to set up the router. You can normally purchase one for about £10.
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Archy Noble answered
If the router has a USB port you could connect via USB cable. I have not personally used this method but my router has a USB network interface and this can be used to configure and surf.

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