How To Connect A Router?


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To connect a router, plug the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the router. The other end of this cable goes to your computer.

The cable with the chunky plug is the power cable and this goes into the power socket on the router and thence to the mains. The remaining cable, the one that looks like phone flex is plugged into the DSL port on the router, usually beside the Ethernet port. The other end of the DSL cable goes into the micro-filter, which in turns is plugged into your normal phone socket.

When everything is powered up, you then open up your browser and enter the web address as supplied by your ISP to activate your connection. You will be required to enter a user name and password. Again, your ISP will have supplied these to you by letter or email.

If you still have difficulty connecting up your router, ask a friend to go online and go to the manufacturer's web site and look up trouble shooting advice.

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