What Does Tab Mean On A Computer Keyboard?


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Tab is a key on the computer keyboard lying above the caps lock. The function of the tab key is to insert a tab character or move the cursor a selected number of spaces to the right (or the next tab stop). The Shift+Tab is used to move the cursor a select number of spaces to the left. Alt+Tab is used to toggle between different applications running on your computer. Some applications like the word-processor react to the tab key by creating spaces up to the subsequent tab stop. This is called the soft tab. The hard tab is the key on the keyboard.

In dialogue boxes and menus, the tab key is found to be quite handy in moving onto the next option or button. Spreadsheet applications and database software respond well to the Tab key by moving the cursor to the next field or cell. In the absence of the mouse, the tab key works as a worthy substitute.

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