How Do I Change My Desktop Wallpaper On My Laptop?


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Once you have choose HD wallpaper for Desktop and Laptop.

  Open the Charms bar, hit Settings, then choose Change PC settings.
  On the left, click OneDrive.
  Again on the left, click Sync settings.
  In the main area, disable settings you don't want to sync.

The one that controls the desktop background is Appearance, the second one under the Personalization settings header. If you don't want any settings synced, disable the very top setting, Sync your settings on this PC.

other way is select a picture and right click there ,
then you get an option to set selected picture to set your background.

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Changing your desktop wallpaper is very easy. First click on 'Start', then 'Control Panel', then 'Appearance and Themes'. This will bring up a new window. Uder the heading 'Pick a task', select the option 'Change the desktop background'. A new window will come up, and you will have a large variety of desktop wallpapers to choose from. Once you have chosen one you like, you can alter the position of it so that it appears either as a repeated pattern, is stretched to fill the whole screen, or centered in the middle of the screen.

If you don't wish to use a wallpaper from the list, then you can use one of your own pictures as wallpaper, by clicking on 'Browse'. This will take you to the 'My Pictures' folder and allow you to select your own picture from there.

If you have PowerDvD installed on your laptop, then you can take screencaptures from your DVDs and use these as your wallpaper. Soundtrack CDs from films also have wallpaper that you can download to your laptop.

You can also download wallpaper from the internet, though you have to be careful due to viruses.
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It depends on you OS my friend.
But if you are using windows OS
right click at desktop,
and there you will get desktop from where you can change your desktop background.

Or other way is select a picture and right click there ,
then you get an option to set selected picture to set your background.
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Go online, find a picture you want on google images or bing or whatever.

  1. Click on the picture and then right click. Left click on 'SAVE AS.....' a window will pop up and click "save image" you type the name of your picture into it, note where you save it to.

  2. Then go to paint and click the little blue button on the top left hand cornor which has a page and an arrow on it. Click 'open' and get the pic that you want.

  3. Click on the blue button again and let your mouse hover over 'Set as desktop background'. 3 options will apear on the right hand side. 'Fill', 'Tile', 'Center'. Descriptions will apear under them. Click on wateva you like and voila! You have a brand new desktop!!!!! When on the internet, don't click on the 'Set as desktop' when you right click, always check the size first because it may not fill your screen.

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I want to change laptop background
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Just click on start and in the search box put change background and then it will give you some options.   :)
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You click ctrl and the click button at the same time and it should say "save image as" and you should click background or wallpaper.
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Depends on your OS, but just like you would for any PC... For Vista, go to "Control Panel", then "Appearance and Personalization", then "Change Desktop Background". A window will open showing your images; Choose one.

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