How can I change my desktop wallpaper for Windows 7 Starter...?


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gokula krishnan answered
Right click on the desktop go to properties and then click desktop background there you can change the wallpaper
Tommy Bai Profile
Tommy Bai answered
Hello. You can simply go to , get a new picture or use a saved picture in your files, then right click and click save as desktop background or something.
ARPAN PAL answered
Right click on blank desktop > personalised > select any of a them.
right click on any picture > set as desktop background
thats all.
kim roddy Profile
kim roddy answered
Go to control panel and go to Display and there click the desktoop background option and now you can change the background!!! Tell me if it is helpful!!! I have some other ideas as well and it is the basic one. Try this if your work is not done then will have a look at the other ways.
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vikas jp
vikas jp commented
Sorry cant work coz one cannot change the desktop background for w7 starter....thanks btw

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