How Can I Change My Visualization On Windows Media Player?


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In order to change the visualization of your media player is very simple thing to do. Well you can do this by just opening the media player and one way is that to change the visualization is by going to the view button in the media player window and when click on it a menu will be open and you will see multiple visualization options ,so you can select any of them via selecting it.
The other way is that if the option for the visualization is active then you can see the visualization icon on the main window of the media player at the right most side of the window.
There is another way to change the visualization of media player via right clicking on the media player main window here you will see many options and one of them is visualization so when you hover the muse over it or by clicking on it you can see multiple visualization effects like Alchemy,Bars and waves, album art, battery and these are the parents these have further options for the selection of your visualization.and each of them given above have many options of visualization,so enjoy changing your new and nice visualization effects.
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There are two separate ways in which that you can change the visualization settings of your Windows Media Player. Using your mouse, click on the "View" button that is located on the top left hand corner of the taskbar with your mouse. A drop down window will open where you will see the option for visualization. Click on this button and you can choose a number of options of visualizations that you can choose from. Categories of visualizations include Ambience, Waves, battery, Particles, Spikes etc. The other option is to choose the options menu from the Tools icons. One can click the tab for visualizations.
Visualizations can look very sleek but are not half as interesting as the movie advertisements on media player when connected to the internet.

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