What Are The Causes Of Software Defects?


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A software defect is non conformity with the requirements specifications or any thing not desired by the client, any thing below standards as per defined during the project documentation.

There can be the following reasons for having defects in a software application:
A human being can make an error (mistake), which produces a defect (fault, bug) in the code, in software or a system, or in a document. If a defect in code is executed, the system will fail to do what it should do (or do something it shouldn't), causing a failure. Defects in software, systems or documents may result in failures, but not all defects do so.

Defects can also be occur because of the inappropriate time assigned to the project so due the time pressure, a developer may miss some things to implement resulting defects.
Other important reason may be complex code, complexity of infrastructure, changed technologies, and/or many system interactions. Due to the distributed environment like server client systems which are very complex and very difficult to handle might be one of the reason to have defects.

Failures can be caused by environmental conditions as well: radiation, magnetism, electronic fields, and pollution can cause faults in firmware or influence the execution of software by changing hardware conditions.
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- Inadequate training of managers and staff
- Inadequate defect and cost measurement
- Excessive schedule pressure
- Insufficient defect removal
- High complexity levels
- Ambiguous and creeping requirements and design

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There are few more to add for the causes of Software defect..
These may be identified as risks..

1. High risk : Change of developer in the middle of the project.
2. In sufficient project/product knowledge.

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