What Is Mean By Software Testing?


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Software testing is the process of executing a program with the intent to find errors, which can raise the quality or reliability of the program.
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There are two types of software testing,They are

1.Static Testing
2.Dynamic Testing
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Software testing is a way to test that the software which we have made is working properly or not and that the software is complete according to its security quality point of view. Via the software testing, the technical faults of the software are uncovered which is not possible without testing.    There are many tests that are applied on the software like black box testing and white box testing. Also the verification and validation are used for software testing. There are some ways via which software testing is carried out i.e one way is unit testing in this testing technique each of the unit of software is tested individually, and will be implemented correctly.    The second way is the integration testing in this testing technique group of tested units are combined to be tested again and will be tested till the whole software is not tested and work usefully as a whole.    The third way is system testing in this testing technique the software as whole is tested.  And another is acceptance testing this testing is done by the user that the software met the user needs or not.Software testing is needed because if the software is handed over to the customer without software testing and if some faults occur in the software at his desk then the software will be of no use again.
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White box, black box gray box are not testing types. These are testing methodologies.
Testing types are :
Functional testing
Non functional testing
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There are many types of software testing.
Black box testing and white box testing are two testing techniques. Different types of testing come under these two techniques.
Unit testing: It comes under white box testing. It is performed to check if code written is performing the according to the requirements or not.
Integration testing: It comes under both white box and black box testing. It is performed to check if multiple units or modules are working correctly after being combined with each other.
Regression testing: It comes under both white box and black box testing. It is performed to check that the changes made to any part of software (with intent of fixing any bug or any enhancement of any existing feature or implementing any new feature) do not affect other functionalities of the software. It is done to check that changes made do not degrade performance of any other module or produce any defect.
System testing: When all modules or components are integrated with each other then the software as whole is termed as a system. Testing of the system to check that it is working according to the requirements is called System testing.
There are many other types of testing as well. For example, re-testing, monkey testing, smoke testing etc.
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Objective of software testing is to check whether a software has errors or not and if it has then remove those errors. Before releasing a software last step or process is software testing and it is performed at the end of software development life cycle. Many people think that software testing is different from quality assurance. As quality assurance is a process which take place throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC) and testing is a phase in quality assurance.

Actually, we perform software testing to give quality products to the users and for maintaining quality of a software, software testing is essential.In different situations, different strategies are used. For example, if you want to test a web based software or a website then you have to use load testing or stress testing. If you want to test a software and you know about its internal functionalities and source code then you will use White Box testing technique.

However, if you want to test a software but you don't know about its source code and internal function then now your strategy will be different. As this time depending on the situation you will perform Black Box testing. So what I want to say that which strategy we will use to test a software depends on the conditions.
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Software testing is a complete process of checking completeness, correctness and quality of computer software. And this testing is required to make it sure that the software works correctly and can be confidently used or we can say that software testing is necessary to know the defect rate of the developed software.
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There are two major testing techniques.They are

*)Black box Testing.

*)White box Testing.
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Software testing is the process of evaluating or detecting bugs in software cycle i.e detects defect in input and output. It consists of various processes for testing. The purpose of testing can be quality assurance, verification and validation, or reliability estimation.

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Software testing allows you to identify errors at the development stage, so that the client can get a quality technological product. This is one of the most important moments in software development. You can find detailed information about load testing services on the outsourcing company website.

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Software testing is an investigation conducted to provide
stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or
service under test. Software testing also provides an objective, independent view of the
software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks at
implementation of the software
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You mean 'use case' which is a specific scenario which you text the software for. For example, you might have a use case for somebody submitting a form without entering their email address. Use cases require all input and output parameters to be specified, so that you know whether the test passed or failed.

You would need to run your software in some sort of 'test harness' so that you could specify all the input parameters to the software (including things like time, source IP address, etc).

Each use case will be testing its own subset of all the possible inputs, and it is vital that you identify which input conditions matter for each use case.
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Type of Software Testing.....black box testingwhite box testingUnit testingIntegration testingRegression testingFunctional testingSystem testingalpha testingBeta testingStress testingLoad testing

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