How Do We Do An Effort Estimation For Software Testing At Proposal Level?


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Trying to predict the effort needed to test software is a complex issue. It's a combination of project management and project estimation to decide the allocation of time, money and manpower.

The factors that influence the effort estimation are nature of the work and the people on the project. It is necessary to understand how realistic and actionable the project is, how reliable and safe the test environment is and correct execution of early test results. It would be a good idea to see if the current project matched with any previous one so that documentation and test systems can be reused.

Some factors arise due to the people on the team. It is essential to have highly motivated and skilled people on the team. Good leadership provided by the technical leaders can bring down attrition rate and provide stability. The experiences and attitudes of the participants will determine the agenda and quick execution of the project. Too many sub teams would increase the complexity of the project.

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