What Is The Newest Version Of VB?


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Visual Basic (VB) is an efficient fast and powerful tool for learning any programming language. Its practicality has been proved in many fields and now it is being used in almost ever major industry of the world. Mostly Visual Basic is used for front-end coding and is used to create the interface for any software where as database works on the back-end of the software

It is highly interactive for the interfaces of any project and provides a powerful scheme for them. The newest version of Visual Basic is VB.Net. Visual Basic is trying to get more and more programming features and trying to extend its features so that to it may also deal with the Win32 API in the windows likes NT/2000.

VBA (VB for Applications) and visual basic scripting is also being provided in the form of package so that it may provide more facilities for customization of NT and other products. The programmers who are highly skilled in Visual Basic can create their own application for any of the latest operating systems that include Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

There are many features in the latest version of Visual Basic such as:

Extreme VB
Gary Beene's Visual basic World
MS VB page
VB net
VB Query
VB online
Visual Basic explorer

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