Do You Find The Fan Noise Of The Computer Too Noisy?


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No, I can barely hear it, and I like to hear it, because if it is running than I know my computer is working. It has shut down in the past and that is bad.
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You probably have a build-up of dust on the fan blades. I you take the side or box off of your computer housing and gently pull or vacuum the dust from the fan blades and the inside of the computer the sound most likely will disappear.
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There actually were two computers built without fans: The Apple III and the original iMac. The Apple III came with instructions to drop the computer onto your desk now and then, so the chips would reset. The iMac was great for keeping your pizza warm.

Fact is a cooling system is a necessary evil in computers, and fans are the most economical way to do this. The bearings get worn out after a while so they make awful noises, in which case you can simply replace the fan. Try living without the fan, and get used to the smell of burning resistors. Which is worse, the smell of a fried motherboard or the racket of an old fan?

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No, it's silent. So much so that I can't hear it.
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I don't know if the computer has a fan or not LOL! I can't hear it at all. Here I'm in total peace.
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No mine makes no noise either!!!! You might need a new tower!!! That don't sound good if you can hear it!!!! It sound sick!!!
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Michael Irwin
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Just because a fan is not working is no reason to get a new computer. A new fan usually costs $20 or less and is easily replaced.
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No, mine is quiet. You might want to get it checked out or clean the blades yourself and see if that works. I really hope that your computer is in tip top shape in no time. Peace
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Yes, it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. It's very simple too. You will need a can of compressed air,(which can ce purchased at any computer store or even walmart), remove the thumb screws on the side of your tower and take off the front face, you should see 2 or 3 small fans go ahead and blast them 2 or 3 times. While your there go ahead and blast everything that has dust on it. Dust is the devil for a computer.
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Definitely sounds like it needs a GOOD cleaning.  If your computer is an area that frequents a lot of dust, or if you have pets; probably needs cleaning once a month or so.  We clean ours about every 3 months unless we start hearing the fan get noisy.  Do what the "Hammer" told you and you should be good to go again for another month or so.
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As I stated earlier, if you open the case on a tower and see that the fan is not working properly (or just seems to be too noisy), it is easily replaced. The replacement fan is usually under $20.
If you want to be able to hear the fan, you can purchase case fans that move lots of air and make lots of noise. The same is true for finding fans that are quieter than the one you have.
If you are using a laptop and can not hear the fan, feel the bottom of the computer and if it is very hot, call the manufacturer if it is still under warranty. Otherwise, take it in to your local computer shop or electronics store. They should be able to help you from there.
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The fan makes noise? Lol... Just kidding... I actually like "white noise" so the fan doesn‘t bother me. I always have a fan on in the room for the noise... Total silence drives me nuts, but I'm not always in the mood for music.
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Like most here, my fan is quiet for the most part. Laptops are usually quiet and that's one of it's perks.
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Mostly Laptops do not have fan noise to bother us(But they do have fans).
It is usually Old configured PCs that makes such noise.
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Quiet is easy, just get a watercooling setup or even fanless coolers if youre not overclocking and have the case space for huge heatsinks, if those seem a bit drastic then invest in some better quality fans and a zalman cpu cooler, that should bring your noise levels down
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Not at all in fact I can barely hear it and I have pretty good hearing.It is a Hewlitt packard Media ctr. Best Darn computer I ever had!

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