How Do I Prepare To Go For A Quiz, Precisely WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE As It Has A Wide Variety Of Issues?


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The first thing is probably to give yourself a general knowledge test. There are lots of online quizzes - many of these you have to pay for, but here is one free quiz to start you off. If you Google "general knowledge" you can find more.

I'd also expand my knowledge and practise quick thinking at every opportunity. Pub quizzes are good, and so are games like Trivial Pursuit. You can't become an expert on everything, but if you know what your weak areas are you could make a point of learning a little bit more about them. Say you don't know much about sport, you could glance at the sports pages of your newspaper every day - at least get familiar with the top names. (The newspaper itself should be a good one - preferably a broadsheet - they contain a lot more general information than the tabloids.)

If you do get picked, ideally your "phone a friend" buddy should be strong in the areas where you are weakest. And finally, it might be a good idea to get some friends to practise the "Millionnaire" format with you - fire questions, try to shake you etc - so you feel prepared.

Good luck!
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A competition is a contest between a individuals or groups. We should Practice and study hard for the competition and if we are competing against a team, we should know their strength and weakness. You can give our self a general knowledge test by online.we should study the part in which we are weak

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