What Is The Role Of A Software Tester?


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The role of software tester is very important and significant. We perform testing before we release a project and it is a necessary part to make a quality product. As if the quality of a product is not good then it is very difficult for that to survive in the market. Because these e days many products of a single functionality are coming so only those products survive in the market which provides good quality with reasonable price. This is the job of a software tester to detect and remove errors from a product before releasing it, to provide quality products to its customer.

There are mainly two types of software testing. One is known as white box testing and other is known as black box testing. There are many software testing techniques which come under these two types. So a software tester has to check a software to find errors if it has and to remove them from the software. When new features are added to the software then again software tester has to test the application to check whether the application is functioning well after adding these features. So whenever a new functionality is added to the system or whenever we make software, software tester has to perform software testing.
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