As An E.C.E Student, Why Should You Apply For A Software Job?


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ECE is entirely different profession and a person who has got degree in this field cannot apply for a software job because he has nothing to do in it. But a software engineer can do a lot of things in ECE field as it is based on computer knowledge. I have found research proposal writing help perfect for such students to get and have well written proposals either it is regarding to admission or any job.

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I have core  knowledge  .also , its useful for help developing thoughts in software side
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For someone who is studying Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) to apply for a software job makes sense to me. This is only one of many jobs, which could lead a student to greater knowledge. Computers are of little use unless there is software, to keep them functional. The more one knows and understands the importance of software, the farther one can go as an Electrical and Computer Engineer.

Computer programs are dependent upon well trained software designers, testers and programmers. A piece of software, which is found to contain bugs or functions not compatible with other software programs is of little value. I believe an ECE with a speciality in software engineering is one of the most valuable players, among all those who work in the industry.

There are all types of applications, codes, formats, tools and so forth, necessary to keep computers functional. However, someone who knows how to take all this knowledge and create programs that will make my computer, do what I want and need for it to do, is on my team. So, if you have the chance for a job in software design, development, testing, debugging, I do not believe you will regret taking the job. I believe your future will be brighter and more areas of the computering industry will be available to you after college, if you really know and understand the importance of good software.
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E.C.E in our country means, Electronics and Communications Engineering. We shouldn't apply for software job because it is not our field, we must be honest with what is your knowledge all about. Running or working in a software is possible, but experience is the best teacher always ^^

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