Have You Heard Of A Computer Virus About A Computer Virus?


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Hmmm. Sounds intriguing. Can't say I ever have.
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Alan answered
It's just a rubibsh pop up. Get a free virus program from AVG and it may stop pop ups too.
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Dear, if Blurtit would let me use all caps that Nascarnut should be able to use, I would be screaming at you!!!!! Do not trust anything like that!!!! I am the first one to tell you to go and talk to Hisdimple if you are really that unsure, or even Desertkid, they are good about this, and honest. Please, don't believe the new scams!!!! Love you dear. Love Tigg
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Lynne Dwyer answered
Sounds like you don't have any virus protection dear. If you do, make sure your "Block pop-ups" is enabled. The avg is a free dwld. I have mine on all the time. The latest virus is Conficker. Most don't even know they have it. If you go to the microsoft website, you don't have it. Don't worry. If you can't get on the microsoft webpage, get one of us. Several people here have the solution.
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Emily Lauren , My name is Emily.. I love getting updated in latest technologies.., answered
I have been reading about the most popular scam on rogue antivirus. It is one of the interesting thing to be aware of.

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