How Do I Put My Sound Back On My Computer? I Didn't Mean To Delete It.


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You may have accidentally pushed the mute button on your computer. Fortunately, the situation is easily reversible. On most Macs, PCs and laptops, there will be a number of ways you can put the sound back up to its original level.
On the toolbar along the bottom of the screen of most PCs or laptops, there will sometimes be a symbol like a megaphone. If you click on that, a thermometer type box will appear. There will be a slider on the box and if you move that up and down you can adjust the sound and return it to its original level. On Macs, this megaphone symbol is generally situated at the top of the screen. You will then follow the same instructions as above.
On the keyboard for a desktop Mac (i.e. One with a separate keyboard and monitor), there is usually three megaphone symbols above the number grid. The symbol with a single racket reduced the sound level, the symbol with several brackets of increasing size increases the sound level and the symbol with no bracket mutes your computer. If you have accidentally pressed this last one, pressing it again will restore the sound.
On many laptops, there are a similar trio of buttons, one for muting the sound, one for lowering the sound and one for raising it.
Most computers are fairly different so you may have to look around for a while, either looking for the keyboard key or the on-screen icon to restore the sound. In most cases, the loss of sound will have been caused by accidentally pressing a button on the keyboard or screen, so there is nothing to worry about. However, if you try restoring the sound and it remains silent, you probably should take your computer to a computer shop.
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     Check and see if the volume control icon is set on MUTE. On the bottom right side of the screen is an icon that looks like an oval circling another oval. Hover the mouse over the icon and it should say VOLUME. If this icon says VOLUME (MUTED) then click the icon and click on the MUTE box to remove the check mark. Move the volume bar up and down to make sure you are getting sound.
     If this does not fix your problem, then you have a hardware problem. Turn off the computer and check the back of it for your speaker wires. There should be a pink colored jack where the speakers plug into. Find the wires to the speakers and see if they go to that jack. Pull out then plug in the jack and see if you get sound. Test by moving that Windows volume control bar I described in the paragraph above.
     If your speaker wires are correctly plugged into the computer then the on/ off switch is off or speaker volume control knob is turned down. My control is part of the Woofer control, some speakers have an on/ off button and volume control on one of the speakers. See if you have a similar situation and turn the on/ off switch and/or turn the volume control up and down.
     If you do not have a volume control and switch for your speakers then you have either a burned out sound card or, worse, the sound is part of the motherboard and you have a bad board. This will require replacement. Replacing the sound card is easy. Turn off the computer, disconnect all wires, open the case and remove the sound card. This card has several colored plugs on a card that plugs into the computer’s motherboard. There is a single screw holding the card in. Remove the screw and gently, but FIRMLY, pull the card out. Put in a new sound card, turn on the computer and run the CD that came with the card to install the drivers.
     If you do not have a sound card then your motherboard is bad. Most people live with a “deaf” computer. You can try to put in a sound card, be sure to print out the CD’s instructions when it explains how to disconnect the previous sound drivers and disable the motherboard sound system. The last alternative is to take the computer to a repair shop.
      I sincerely hope that you find the problem before you reach paragraph 4. Most people usually find that they inadvertently got to the volume control and muted it or somehow they hit and knocked out the speaker plug. Happy Hunting and Good Luck.
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How DO I Put MY Sound Back On My Computer? I Didn't Mean To Delete It
To put my sound back on my computer.
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A computer alone produces a low sound output, which in often amplified by a small amplifier housed in one of the two speakers.

The computer audio output level can be adjusted by navigating from Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Audio tab > Volume Button ... Then set the sliders to the desired level.

The amplifier audio level can usually be adjusted using a volume control on one of the speakers. Of course, you will hear nothing if the amplifier is not switched on.

To produce higher volume levels, for example, if you wished to feed the computer signal through your hi-fi system, you would need to feed the computer output into spare line "input" sockets on your hi-fi amplifier. You may need to buy a cable of suitable length and with appropriate connecting plugs on each end.

When connecting your computer output to any amplifier for the first time, I would recommend setting the computer output very low and gradually increasing the amplifier output volume control to a quarter. Then gradually increase the computer output and the amplifier volume until you get the sort of levels you require, without distortion.
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It is only problem from the drivers most of the time the drivers creates this kinds of problems so Re-install the sound driver. Everything will be OK.
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Try going into your control panel. Look at the listings and find sounds. Click on and follow the directions.[drop boxes]
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If you know what soundcard you have in your computer see if you can find a driver for it via a google search or the comp. Website.
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First go to control panel..then add or remove programs...there you should Remove the Audio Driver..
Then install again the driver software available with your system, the driver of sound card is provided in the form of CD with complete computer system. If you don't have then you can download online as well with the specs of your motherboard.
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You have to reinstall the sound driver on you computer to get back your sound. If you are using Windows XP just right click on My Computer then go to properties and then select hardware and then device manger. Here you find the Sound tree. Select sound from this tree and then reinstall your sound driver.
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I set my volume at a quarter of it's full volume and use a headset that   way I still have 75% of the volume if need be. Makes it sound like your in the game instead of listening to a speaker system...
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My sound works for a few months then I have to reconnect and I forget how to do it. Please help.
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Go to control panel,click printer and other hardware then click device manger .then go to  storage sounds then do it yourself
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This is the simpliest way to increase the volume on the computer

press Fn key hold it and press F10 at the same time to increase volume

press Fn key hold it and press F11 at the same time to decrease volume
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If you have deleted a sound accidently, one way to get it back is to check recycle bin of the computer. Click on recycle bin and see whether the sound lies there. If the sound is there, right click on the icon and click on restore item to restore the sound again to your system. If the sound doesn't appear in the recycle bin section then that means your sound will never come back to your computer. The only way left is to install the sound again into the computer.
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You need to do a restoration with the cd that came along with the pc if you still have it. If you don't have it anymore I suggest calling tech support and see if they can install it back in for you, if all fails they'll send you out a new copy if you can supply them with a serial number and account name.

Good Luck.
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At the bottom of your computer on the left hand side, there should be a bunch of little icons. See the one that looks like a megaphone? Or a horn? Click on it.
That will bring up where you can change it
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On the right-hand bottom corner there is a little icon that looks like a speaker/ on it and you can adjust the volume.
Have you tried TURNING UP your speakers?!
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1. Start --- Setting ---- Control Panel -- click on Sound and then select Sound and Master Volume to enable and disable sound.

2. Right click on Speaker Icon displays on the corner button of the System trays and select Volume.

3. Start -- All Programs -- Accessories -- Entertainment -- Volume Control.

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