How To Delete Bing From Computer?


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I had to use another method. Instructions above didn't work for me.
1. Tools drop down in upper right, 2.Choose Internet Options 3. On General Tab choose
Settings for Search 4. Right click on bing record to open menu choose Disable Suggestions.  It worked.  More complex. But works in any IE8 browser and I don't have to go to MSN.
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Go to your home screen and right click on a random icon,and hit delete then a box should pop up are you sure you want to delete this? Then there is a cancel and delete button. Do not hit neither of those!after it says are you sure  you want to delete this there shoud be a blue highlighted word that says add/remove programs hit that! And then another box should come up with all the things downloaded to your computer. Look for bing and hit remove! Hope I helped!
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Simple on your screen when you have your MSN web page you simple click the X to the LEFT of Bing in the top and then it will ask you delete.
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Click on
Internet Options

Look at the "managed websites".  Change any that you do not want harassing you by changing from "always allow" to "always block".  Problem immediately resolved.

Contrary to what Microsoft it telling you, this is an attack on your computer by Microsoft. It has nothing to do with any bing browser unless you are using a Bing browser.  You can protect yourself from Bing this way,but next time you clear all of your cookies, you may have to repeat.
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Step 1 click on... Start
Step 2 click on... Connect To
Step 3 click on... Open Network and Sharing Center
Step 4 click on... Internet Options
Step 5 highlight.. 6 Press Delete... It is gone :)
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Step 1  click on Start.
Step 2  click on Connect To.
Step 3  click on Open Network and Sharing Center.
Step 4  click on Internet Options.
Step 5  highlight 6  Press Delete and close that.

Step 7  Now Open Internet explorer
step 8  Click on Arrow (drop down menu) next to Magnify glass
Step 9  click manage search providers
Step 10 Right click on Bing
Step 11 click Remove,,, Bing is gone..

Step 12 Not all good comes to those on earth,
Step 13 but in Heaven all is good
Step 14 so be ready for when Jesus comes
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Are you willing to delete BING toolbar from your web browser?
Go to CONTROL PANEL, select ADD/REMOVE PROGRAM and there you ahve to find BING TOOLBAR, once found, click UNINSTALL or REMOVE button next to BING TOOLBAR, and that will remove BING from your computer.

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