Is it possible to run a Youtube video though Google DFP?


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Kathryn Wright , I have been using DFP for 2 years-Self taught, answered

If you are looking to put a you tube video into DFP as a creative this can be done.

The benefit of using DFP to do this instead of hard coding into your website is that you can:

  • Serve it in rotation with other ads or other videos by setting eCPM's on each
  • You might have ad campaigns and want to serve your own house ads once these have reached their maximum impressions for the day.
  • Target users specifically by location, gender, age etc by passing information you know about the user to DFP
  • If you need to track clicks and performance easily
  • If you need to add a frequency cap

Add a video creative set

To add a creative set to a video line item, follow these steps:

  1. On the Orders tab, select a video line item.

  2. Select the Creative sets tab.

  3. Click Add creative sets > new creative set.

  4. Select the creative set type. Either:
      • Linea
      • Overlay
      • Redirect
  5. Click Save

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Yo Kass answered

Google's DoubleClick for Video can act as a syndicate between publishers (you) and distribution sites (such as YouTube).

In this context, you could use DFP to manage your accounting, and agree rev shares for ad clicks generated by your YouTube account.

However, one thing you may want to check out is whether this feature is available on DFP for Small Business (I assume that's what you're using) as I think it may still be in beta for SB.

I'd also recommend you check out the DFP for Video page, for a more detailed  and up-to-date explanation of their services.

Making money with your YouTube account

If you're simply interested in monetizing your YouTube videos though, there is a more straight forward way. Here's what you'd need to do:

  • Create a YouTube channel (to get a Content ID)
  • Apply to enable your account for monetization
  • Get an approved AdSense account
  • Associate your AdSense account with your YouTube channel (more info on that here).
This will allow you to begin monetizing, and offers some control over which ads display on your videos - allowing you to keep the ads relevant, and in-line with your brand image.
I'd also suggest you keep an eye out for the recently released YouTube Partner Program. It's not rolled out in the UK yet, but registering interest early is always a good idea!

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