Is there any type of Electromagnetic defense device, theoretical, experimental, or otherwise, that can disrupt a vehicle or other devices that are within a certain area? Like the size of a city block for example.


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This PDF is fairly long but well detailed. But you will get some answers other than a EMP device.

Electronic and Information Warfare

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You'll learn a lot. Wait till the Pulse rifle becomes public.
Corey The Goofyhawk
I'm always up for learning something new!
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Back in the 1980's, there was an "anarchist's cookbook" booklet that told how to turn an ordinary microwave into an electromagnetic weapon. (not the original "anarchist's cookbook" - but along the same lines)
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During WWII Tesla offered the US gov a weapon which would stop any aircraft from flying over the borders, by burning out their electronics. The US  gov turned him down, but when he died (prior to the end of the war) his notebook containing this idea was lost. This is why everything about Tesla was censored till the 1990's.

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I read about that ! It was very interesting. They say he was involved in the Real Philadelphia Experiment.
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that "censored" should have been "classified secret"
Maurice Korvo
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During WW1 he offered the US Gov a remote controlled submarine, which they also refused
During or just after WWII the US supreme court decided for Tesla against Marconi on the invention of the radio, but as everything about Tesla was classified, the decision could not be released. (Marconi invented the radio in all books till the 1990's.

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