How to can I restore deleted pictures on my computer?


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gokula krishnan answered
Check the recycle bin ,if the deleted picture is there you can restore (or) Download "Undelete plus" software to recover the deleted image.
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Vinie Tolly answered

You can check the recycle bin  firstly, if you accidentally deleted photos, you can restore them from it! The other way is using recovery software.

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Katie Lele answered
Go to the recycling bin and left click then it should say restore
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Siu PoNing , Recycle bin or recovery tool, answered

Hello! In my opinion, if you want to  restore deleted data from computer, you just need to find them in recycle bin. Generally, the deleted files will be saved in this folder temporarily. However, even if  you empty this folder, you just can't see the deleted files as normal, they are still in the hard drive until new data occupy the space  in where they saved.

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wailian wailian answered

It depends on how the file was removed, the solution will be different. Here are steps you can take:

  • restore from trashcan
  • recover from backup (if you are backing up your data)
  • pay for a program that will attempt to recover it for you (or alternatively learn computer programming and do it yourself).
This last option is based on the principle that when a file is deleted (even if you delete it from the Recycle Bin) it has only been marked as deleted and still exists within your hard drive.
The only time this wouldn't be the case is if the file has been over-written or you have wiped your hard-drive by doing a factory reset.

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