Does Anyone Know How To Restore A Computer Without Recovery Disc?


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I need help because my acer aspire   5515 didn't come with a recovery disk   and   I want to restore it because when I log in normal mode my screen is all light blue I need help please
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It becomes pretty tough without a recovery disk

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You can run System Restore on your computer by following below steps:

Start button
In Search box, type System Restore
Click System Restore
Follow the steps in the wizard to choose a restore point and restore your computer

This will restore your PC to earlier state.

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When backing up and restoring data, I use Nero BackItUp. It can be completely free to use, but if you want more powerful tools or expand your cloud, you need to buy a subscription. If you are interested in how to use it, I advise you to read here
- Simple and clear setup.
- Local backup function.
- Clear and not overloaded interface.
- Only available for Windows.
- Lack of private key security option.
- File versions cannot be saved during online backup.

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DON'T MAKE THIS MISTAKE! I bought an Acer 5050 laptop and didn't make backup/recovery disks. Dumb. My sister reformatted my hard drive and wiped it out (after it crashed.) I got the manufacturer's system and recovery disks, and they are not working. I have a partitioned drive and the system disk apparently didn't install properly. When I put in the recovery disk, I got a message saying "no operating system found." Now Acer wants me to send it back for repair, and if I have to I will. I'd like to look for more solutions first. Be happy you have xp. Vista won't even install on mine.
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If your screen is lit blue then just move the wire connected to the screen a little bit and it should turn to normal.
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If you have WIN XP PRO (which apparently you don't) you could have used the built-in Windows Restore program. Vista has "System Restore" also. The only problem with it is that you have to make sure that it is enabled. Go to the Start Menu, Accessories, System Tools, then System Restore. Or go to Control Panel, click "System", then click the "System Restore" tab. There isn't much to it really. Just be sure that the check box labeled "Turn off System Restore on All Drives" is NOT checked. Restore is your best friend! It has saved many neophytes from disaster. You can control the amount of hard disk space it uses. In the bottom of the window, highlight the main hard drive (Usually drive "C"). Click the "Settings" button and another window opens. You can move the slider to reduce the amount it uses. One important warning is this! If you turn System Restore off, it automatically deletes all of your restore points. So you can't go back later and turn it on, hoping to get the old points back. It doesn't work that way. I hope you do have XP PRO, because Windows sets restore points automatically, provided Restore wasn't turned off! In reference to your problem with Acer, make them send you some more System & Recovery Disks. Maybe the ones you have ARE bad. It costs too much money to send a laptop back to them, and they will be very loose with your money. On the other hand maybe your drive really is shot. But you will have to pay dearly for them to fix it, since your sibling did the deed. When you get it back, put a boot password on it, and that will keep the sister out of YOUR laptop! I hope this helps and answered your question, or maybe helped someone else. Cheers!
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If your computer/laptop doesnt have a built in partition with the system recovery files on it, you are screwed. Windows does have a built in system recovery, but if you cannot get into windows (even with safe mode) then again you are screwed.
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You can restore a computer even you don't have recovery disk. Actually, most of the user of windows do not make recovery disk because they think that they do not need it. But if windows get some problems or due to some reasons your windows become corrupt to the extent that you cannot login your computer then you can restore computer by using recovery disk. I have one solution to restore a computer without using recovery disk as given below.

Put your CD of windows XP into your CD drive and press the start button of your computer. . Press any key when you see the text "press any key to boot from CD" on your screen. You will see on your screen as "press F8 if you agree to install windows". Press F8 and you will see two options as install fresh copy of windows or recover your window. Click on the option as "recover your windows". This process of recovery actually will replace all the files which were previously installed in the windows folder. It will not affect on the data of your hard drive, it will only replace those files which need to be recovered without affecting on settings of your computer.
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But what if you don't have the windows XP CD? My computer is a compaq and it didn't come with the windows xp cd. I get the screen that ask me to insert the systems disk and restore. Is there some place where I can get this disc?

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