How Can I Get Picture From My Computer To My Cell Phone?


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Ryan Rugraff answered
If your phone can be connected to your computer, it should not be too difficult, just make sure the photo is a compatible format. If you cannot connect your phone, then the only way I know that works is to email it to your phone.
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First you got to send a message from your cell phone to your e-mail address and get the e-mail address from the message you sent and forward the picture you wont.
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You can just go on if you have an aol screenname and click attach file and just add your picture and then put in your phone number?
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The fastest and easy way is to email the photo. Right click on the picture, scroll down to the email option and wait for the email to launch. Enter the 10 digit phone number for the recipient, add a subject, and hit send. If the recipient doesn’t have a data plan, they may have to pay casual use charges, so a heads-up to them would be appreciated.
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I'm wondering why my computer says that it doesn't recognize my Motorola phone when I plug it into the usb
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I agree my question wasnt answered either I'm still totaly confused and can't get pictures on my phone
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Place the USB in your CPU and the pop up will appear. It will automatically open the box to find for items. Then you should switch on your cell's bluetooth and synchronize. It will then easily transfer the data from the computer to your cell phone.
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If you don't know your Mobile address call your carrier. Then simply send an e-mail with photo attached to your Mobile address. make sure you have an account set up first with your carrier. Don't just assume you have one with them because you pay our bill.
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You would almost need to do it with a sd card. YOu could load them on the sd card and then plug it into your phone, unless you phone has a usb cable to plugs into it and the computer.
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Use  it works. But it has to install it....McAfee approved it as safe. I use it myself it is amazing.check it out sometime.

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