How Many Pictures Does A 2gb Memory Card Hold?


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Using the standard resolution of 2240x1680, you should fit roughly 500 photos on a 2GB memory card in your camera.

The number of pictures any size of memory card can hold, whether it be a 128MB, 512MB (Megabyte, denoting one million bytes of information), or 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB or larger (Gigabyte, denoting one billion bytes of information), purely depends on the resolution of the images you are taking. This resolution will then dictate how many photos can fit on the size of the memory card you are using.

What is the "resolution" of an image?The resolution of an image or picture describes the amount of detail contained within the photo. A higher resolution means that the image has a greater amount of detail. In basic terms, this means the difference between seeing a fuzzy object, and seeing an object very clearly. Specifically with digital images, resolution is defined by the number of pixels in a given space, with a pixel being the smallest possible bit of definable detail in an image. They are tiny squares of individual color, that make up an image.

The resolution, secondarily, depends on how many megapixels your camera is assigned. The more megapixels, the greater the maximum image quality your photos will be.

So what are the different levels of resolution on cameras?There are currently 6 different levels of resolution. Sometimes they are allocated symbols on your camera, to represent the increasing resolution quality. These are 256x256 (very basic quality), 640x480 (low end resolution), 1216x912 (a standard 1 Megapixel camera), 1600x1200 (2 Megapixel camera), 2240x1680 (4 Megapixels, which is the current standard resolution found on most commercial cameras), and finally 4062x2704 (a really good camera, with around 11.1 Megapixels).
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Depends on the MP rating of the camera
5 MP aprrox 1,639 pics
6 MP 1,361
7 MP 1,173
8 MP 1,005
9 MP 913

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It depends on the size of the pics. If they are an average of 1mb each you will be able to store around 2000 on a 2gb stick..
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I have a 6mp camera with a 2mb sd card and it holds 1820 pictures
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It depends on the quality of resolution and size of the picture. If the picture size is 1MB that means it can hold 2048 pictures. In short 2GB is equal to 2048MBs.
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Well... Let's look at the camera at my hip. 

Kodak C613 6MP camera. 

It produces images 2848x2134.  So, according to the first answer, the 2gb card within it should fit less than 500 images.  The camera, however, looks at the blank card and estimates it can fit 1597 pictures.  How can that be?  Well, if we ignore the resolution of the image, and examine the image itself, we get a better idea. 

The camera saves the image in JPEG format, and the actual file size of the images produced vary, depending on the color and detail of the image.  A more detailed image with more variations in color will not compress as far as a less detailed/less colorful image.  On a recent outing to take pictures of a derailed train, I found the images to vary in file size from about 1.1mb to about 1.6mb.  Now... All of those images were the same resolution of 2848x2134.

So... How many images can fit on your memory card will depend on a few factors.  What format your camera saves the image (Raw, JPEG, BMP, PNG, something proprietary, etc... As well as how good of a job the camera does of compressing the image if it uses a compressed format.

If we extrapolate, using a few rough guesses... If a 6MP camera that compresses JPEG images will fit 1600 images on a 2GB card... That's 3200 on a 4GB card... And you can continue the math.  A 12MP camera will take images that are about twice the file size of a 6MP camera... So that is 800 images on a 2GB card, 1600 images on a 4GB, etc.

And don't forget... A 2GB card, or 2048MB card, doesn't offer 2048 of actual usable space.  It works out to less, or around 1900MB or so, give or take.  I could put the card back into the computer and check, but I'm feeling lazy at the moment.

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The 2GB USB flash drive can store 800 photos, 582 music., 51200 documents files and 285 videos. The capacity is not too large, you can used it for car audio players or temporary storage.

A 4GB USB flash drive,, having double the storage of a 2GB card, is suited for moderate use. Students who like to keep a backup copy of their documents and projects can get by with 4GB of storage for their entire school career. If you are transferring a small amount of music, photos, or video files, a 4GB USB flash drive should get the job done.

With an 8GB USB flash drive, it store 2318 photos, 3185 music., 204,800 documents files and 1126 videos. 8GB is ideal for business people, students, or those who like to organise years’ worth of records and back them up in a single location.

You can see more info about usb here:

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Well it depends on the size of your pictures, if you can adjust it (I don't know your camera)
But if a 1GB can hold about 1088 pictures, i'd say a 2GB Card can hold the double amount (give or take).
Maybe not exactly 2 times because even if it says 2gb it's never exactly 2gb. I'll be close to it but a little less (like 1.9gb or something). But I think you can assume that it'll hole 2000 photos.

To calculate dpi of screen or screen density also the pixel per inch you can use this PPI Calculator,it shows the instant results.

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Well, as even good sized photos that have been converted to .jpg files can be quite small (less than half a megabyte is quite normal), it COULD hold a tremendous number... Taking the Anonymous answer above as a reference (and it really shouldn't be) at .5mb each, you could put some 4000 on such a stick. However, the reason it shouldn't be used as reference, is that a '2gb' memory stick does NOT hold 2gb.
Why? Well, this has to do with how storage devices are manufactured, versus how storage 'space' is calculated. Actual storage tends to be in pretty 'round' numbers (lots of 0's), but data is stored in multiples of 'bits' called 'bytes'.
Now taking that there are 8 bits in one byte, but 1024 bytes in a kilobyte, and 1024 kilobytes in a megabyte, and 1024 megabytes in a Gigabyte, and 1024 gigabytes to the terabyte (and so on...)... Well, these things just don't work out to nice 'round' numbers.
So the hardware manufacturers look at drive storage in terms of 'billions of bytes' (nice round numbers), and call THOSE gigabytes. But as your computer uses binary, and the whole 1024 thing, when said device is formatted, you 'lose' a certain amount of storage 'space' to the 1024 multiplier versus the business side's 'round numbers'... Thus you could not actually put 4000 .5 megabyte pictures on a 2gb flash drive, but quite a few less than that amount...
Thus, as in all things, the number you can fit on a device is dependent upon image resolution, file compression, total file size and actual available space on the memory device.

Hope that has helped, and not been too boring, and that you have a great day!
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From what I have heard, my souces say that it shall hold approximately 500,000,000,000....but that might be a rumor

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