How Can I Reduce File Size Of Pictures To Use For Website?


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There are two types of size associated with the pictures. One is the file size and other is the actual size of the picture (may be considered as the view size of the picture.) Usually the picture larger in the actual size is also larger in the file size. For a website, you usually don't have much uploading size. One of the methods to reduce the file size of a picture is to reduce its actual size. With the reduction in the actual size, the file size would also be decreased. For example, if a picture of frame size 1024x768 pixels is of file size 100kb, the same picture in the frame size of 800x600 pixels might be the file size of 70kb. You can decrease the frame size of the picture using any of the picture editors available in the various graphics soft wares.

The other method to reduce the file size of a particular file is to change its format. A graphic file can be used as .jpg file, .bmp file and several other extensions and types for graphics files are available. So if you change the format of the file, you can increase and decrease the size of the picture file.
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You can reduce the size in a number of ways.  If the compression is lossy,,,  eg JPEG and you size down you will find you loose detail, mostly random, but if you size down dramatically, when you try to enlarge stuff will go missing.   This is because the compression algorythm takes out the small string pixels that wont go through the compressor.    That is the hint.   If there are 200 red pixels and 3 yellow scattered amongst them, guess what gets lost.   If the yellows are all slightly different yellow, mall may get lost
If you can find a program called uLEAD WEBRAZOR, it will compress and normalise the pallette
selecting colours within a common bracket.  The result is an image that will look the same and reduce and enlarge,  better still, is that if it is a format that has inherrent compression, it suddenly looses a heap of size KBs.  Why, because all the yellows in a line are compressed better.  And there are less colours as well.
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When we take pictures from digital camera or scan with scanner, the file size of the pictures is very high. This large file size may create problem when we use these pictures in website. The larger files require more time to download the web pages. In this situation it is possible that the visitors may not visit us again.

Different software and techniques are used to reduce the file size of the pictures. ACD See is commonly used to browse the pictures and to view slide shows. We can use ACD See to reduce the file size. Right click the mouse button to the picture and select convert. A window will open from this window select the file forma and press the Format Settings button. Reduce the image quality. The file size will be reduced.

We can also use Adobe Photoshop to reduce the files size. For this purpose open your pictures in the Adobe Photoshop and resize it according to your requirements (from menu bar Image -> Image Size). Now from menu bar select File -> Save as for Web. A window will open from this window select the file format and then choose the quality settings. Higher quality will have large file size and low quality will have small file size. The preview windows will show you the result of the picture.
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