Is It Illegal For Someone To Post My Picture On The Internet Without My Consent?


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This question is one of the latest legal issues to emerge following on from the boom of the Internet. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer for this question, as it depends on several circumstances.

There was recently an example of a young girl who had a picture taken of her at a car wash by her friend. This was subsequently uploaded onto the photo-sharing website Flickr. Unfortunately, the picture was placed under Creative Commons: An online scheme which aims to allow photographers, graphic designers and other individuals the chance to use images without having to worry about copyright.

According to The New York Times, the picture of this young girl was modified and used on a billboard for a mobile phone company in Australia, with a slogan that said she was a pen friend that people could lose after getting their own handset. As the girl was distressed and insulted by a picture being used in such a way without her consent, a legal battle began between the family and Virgin Mobile, the company which was responsible.

In the case, it was found that Virgin Mobile was not responsible for this unfortunate outcome. As a result, unless the problem is related to child pornography, it may not necessarily be illegal for someone to post your picture on the Internet without your consent. Advice to ensure you are not affected includes placing the setting of your Facebook page on private to prevent the public from having access to your account.

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The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act states that any identifiable information that is posted on the internet must be posted by the parent or the person must have obtained VERIFIABLE CONSENT prior to posting identifiable information about any child under the age of 13. The operator of these websites are held legally accountable for verifying that any publications made by a person other than the legal parent or guardian is done so with consent from the parent. The failure for the operator of the website to do so, is punishable by law.

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I would say depend on the intention. If someone post a pic of you on the facebook or similar web and that pic is took in their wedding, For sure, that is legal. However, ff someone post your pic on the internet with negative explanation or misleading information against you, that is illegal.
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I'm sure there must be a way to sue that person, especially if he is offending you and your family.
Ask him to take the pictures out inmediately, if he doesn't do it then take legal action, find a lawyer and sue him!
Best of luck!
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Criminal law - not unless they are illegal images like child porn. Civil law - maybe. If the site was for sex offenders they could be guilty of liable. Lawyers want $200/hour and up for chasing idiots like this, best just to ignore them.
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Ok Boris, thanks for the clarification!
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Once a picture is posted on the internet it becomes public property unless copyrighted.
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There is no such law which states that. Posting your and your family picture is unethical and against the laws of morality. You can't sue the person but you must make him realize about his mistake.
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Someone is putting rude pictures on the internet of me without me knowing who is doing this can I find out
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Is it illegal for someone to copy a picture from my phone to their phone without my consent and them post that picture on the internet
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Yes if it is posted on a website for example that is owned by someone you can always email the owner or customer service about it and they will ask you to send your photos in to them and then they can resolve the action.
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Facebook and such sites as those have a "privacy policy" and they will take down the pictures right away. The US had a ton of privacy laws, canada not so much but I am still looking. Look up PIPA, Children's information under the age of 13 can't be put on the internet unless you sign a release, a common practice in schools. Also go to wikipedia and search under "Personally identifiable information" it may help as well. California has their own online privacy act. The wikipedia article has a ton of click-able highlighted links that should help.
It totally depends on you and the kind of picture that have been uploaded. So you can always use the privacy options which are available while uploading your pictures.
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What if a teacher posted a picture of her pre-k class on facebook without asking the parents for permission.  Is that illegal.  Is there anything the parents can do??
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"Personally identifiable information" thats not the same thing. I looked it up and it is Social security numbers, health care information HIPPA, date of birth, then there are other circumstances.   If the picture was put on the internet without any copyright information its public domain. Look at all the defaming pictures of Obama, Bush, brittany spears.
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What he has done that's highly unethical. And I am sure that if his intentions are to defame you and your family, than, one day he will be punished from GOD for doing this.
Yup its possible to sue that person but it would be a very hard task to do alone , but if you have your family support with you than you should go for it.
Good luck dear! May GOD help you in getting rid of this problem.
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Unfortunately no, it's not illegal to put someone's picture on the web. I personally would let this person know how you feel about it and ask him how he would feel if it were him. Hopefully he will empathize.
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I can't imagine it's illegal, as people are doing it on Facebook all the time (posting and tagging other people photos).

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