How Large Can A Picture Be To Send It In Hotmail E Mail?


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Nouman Umar answered
Hotmail only provides the storage of 2 MB for the attachment in the mail. You can only upload the attachments of 2 mb on the each time you need to send the mail to any person so this is the way you can only use to attach the mail. so if you want to attach the mail of more than 2 mb you need to do that in parts in order to attach the mail to send to any user. so this is the reason if you try to attach the mail which is more than 2mb you can only do this by attaching the mail in parts.

So this is the reason you cannot attach your emails which are higher in the size. So if you want to send the picture to any other person you should use some other ways which can help you send email the other way can be use the yahoo or the gmail because they provide much space than the hotmail. If still there is a problem then you can use the last option which is you can upload a picture on a website and there might be some person who will download the picture from your website so this is the easiest way to download the picture from the website.

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