How Do I Send Email Attachments In Hotmail?


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Louise Gorman answered
Log in to your Hotmail account. Click on 'New' to create a new email. Type out the contents of the email. When you have finished this, click on 'Attach' (there is a picture of a paper clip next to it).

Select the type of file that you wish to attach. This can be pictures, files or contact information. When you have selected what type of item you wish to send, click on 'Browse' to find the item that you wish to attach. Once you have done this, click on 'OK' to go back to your email, or 'OK and Attach Another' to attach another item to your email. When you have done either of these, your email will be ready to send.

To be able to send picture attachments you need to install 'MSN Photo Upload Tool'. To do this click on 'Attach', then click 'Picture', and then click on 'Install'.

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