How Do I Log On To My Hotmail Email From A Different Computer?


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The appealing feature about owning a Hotmail email account is that you are able to access your email account from any computer wherever you are in the world, with just an Internet connection and computer as your equipment! Hotmail accounts are not locked in to one computer system. Your emails and all of the documents, attachments, contacts and mail that you access when you log into your Hotmail email account are stored on the Internet privately and not saved to your PC. This means if your PC was to be suddenly unavailable today, you could simply log onto another computer that is hooked up to the internet, and access your email inbox in seconds.

To log onto your Hotmail email from a different computer, you'll need just two things: Your email address and the password you used to set up the account with. If you always use the 'remember me' option, you may not be used to entering a password to access your account. If this is the case and you have forgotten it, you can simply reset your password by clicking the 'Forgotten password' link when you log onto You will then be taken through a series of security questions before you are able to specify a brand new password for the account. Try to make it something you're unlikely to forget.

When you launch the Hotmail website, locate the 'Sign in' area, and enter your user name. If your email address is [email protected], you should enter this in the first field. Then, in the box below that, type in your password and click 'Log in'; you'll be taken to your email inbox.

Wherever you are in the world, as long as there is a computer and an internet connection, you will be able to access your hotmail email account by logging onto
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You can access your hotmail account from any computer by going to and then selecting "sign-in" you will be asked to enter your user name/ User ID and password. After you have entered it you will able to access your inbox.
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I don't really understand your question. If your asking if you can log on to a hotmail account from any computer, the answer would be yes if you have it set up to get hotmail. Just anyone cannot go to your account though unless they have your mail address and password.
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Just go to and look for a sign in. It will prompt you for your user name and pass word. You may have to enter it manually as you are at a different computer as this information is not stored.
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What is the question? You can log on your hotmail account from any computer. Just be sure you don't check the box that says to keep you logged on or to keep your ID as whoever uses the computer will be able to see it.
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Go to look for the log-in or sign-in box and enter your information and read your mail.

*Then* log-out, rather than just closing the window.  Clearing the "cache" will make it more difficult for the next user to view messages you've just had on screen (with some browsers, back-page will pull up from the cache).  Clearing the "cache" will slow things down for the next user, while basic stuff reloads.  The choice is between attempting to guard your personal security and respecting the convenience of the regular user of the computer.

General close-down procedure is the same for any web-based e-mail, including Yahoo.
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You just log in to your hotmail just like you do on your usual computer ! It is the same everywhere you go
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Regret that all the answers shown do not reflect the latest security-hype. Was in the US recently and could NOT log into my hotmail account without obtaining a security code via my mobile phone.
What if I do not have it with me?

And even worse. At every hotel the same procedure ! ! !

Coming from Europe that just pleased the phone companies as the roaming charges were quite extraordinary.

Simply a not customer friendly way under the pretext of "security". A bit much. So users please take heed and MS get it sorted out - swiftly please.

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How do I log onto my home email account from work.  I do not have a hotmail account it is through Thanks
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It would be the same procedure as you use on your own computer. If you have hotmail bookmarked and don't remember the address, I believe that just typing: Hotmail in the address box will get you to the sign-in screen. You could also type hotmail into the google search box. Either way, it's easy to get to the sign-in screen. You will need to put in your hotmail email address (this is your "ID") and then your password. This will work on any computer which is hooked up to the internet.

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