How Do I Permanently Delete Email From My Yahoo Account On My Computer As Well As The Yahoo Server?


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I asked someone with an IT certification and he told me to delete the email permanently and everything will be gone.
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One can permanently delete emails from your yahoo account.Need to follow below-mentioned steps:

1.login to your Yahoo account

2.Find "Trash" option on left side of you yahoo account.Then click on the trash and select Ok.

It will permanently delete your emails reside in trash box.

You can also contact to their customer service number 1-855-777-5686.For any further issues you can visit this link

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Nice Info

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Mark delete, and empty your trash folder or file.  That deletes all of the emails.  Also, do this for your spam mail, and your sent mail.  This will empty all of the saved files, and be permanently deleted.  Good luck.
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Move to your yahoo account. Go to its setting. You will see an option of deleting your account permanently. Just click that and follow the instructions. Your mails will be deleted permanently from server and your computer.

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