Which is the latest programming language?


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There are new programming languages popping up all the time, so it's actually quite hard to keep track of what the "latest" language is.

Dart is one new programming language I'd suggest you study, though - but there are also plenty more!

New programming languages
There are so many programming languages at the moment that it would literally be impossible for anyone to learn them all.

Programming code comes in many forms, and everything from scripting languages through to object-oriented languages are being used all across the Web (and beyond).

Some of these languages are created businesses, others by IT students - and tech vendors are also big contributors to the programming language field.

Certain languages are designed specifically for custom tasks (for example I recently attended a conference where one speaker showcased a sequential language specifically designed for managing big data).

However, if you want to keep abreast of the tide of exciting new languages, here are a handful I suggest you keep an eye on:

Dart - This was created by Google as a simpler alternative to JavaScript.

The best way to describe Dart would be to say that it uses many of the same keywords and syntax as C, but with objects defined using classes and interfaces.

CoffeeScript - This is another language to take a look at. It's similar to Dart in that it's basically a JavaScript compiler - which is why it's often referred to as a "little language".

The great thing about CoffeeScript is that it takes all the complexities of JavaScript, and also unearths the beautiful simplicity of JavaScript through one-to-one compiling (with no interpretation at runtime).

Ceylon - is developed by Gavin King, and looks to break the link between Java and XML.

King's aim was to create a language that didn't require loads of syntax, and which also managed to include first-class and high-order functions. Essentially, he envisages a world without the "clumsy" Java SDK.

Go - is the work of those guys at Google again, and is suitable for a range of things, including systems programming and app development, through its ability to compile to native binaries.

Some people have been critical of Go, stating that there might not currently be space for it in the congested programming language market.

However, I'm of the opinion that Go really has something to add to the capabilities of well-established languages like C or C++.
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Is there a "latest"? C++ is quite old, but is being improved all the time.

Of the recently-invented languages, I suppose Ruby  is the newest, but even this is 25 years old now (although has only become really popular in the last 10).

Javascript was renamed from Livescript in the mid 1990s, about the same time that PHP appeared.
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Yes..you are right , Ruby is quite old now but gets counted in latest ones because it wasn't popular before but now getting famous.

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Java is the evergreen for all programming languages.

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