What Is The Difference Between A Formal Programming Language And A Pseudo-code?


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A programming language is a set of characters (words, numbers, symbols) and grammar (syntax) used to write code that can be compiled into binary (language understood by a computer) and then executed (ran by the computer) as a program, whereas Pseudo-code is language that mimics true programming language but does not follow any sort of syntax (is not written in such a way that it can be compiled into binary). Pseudo-code is useful for writing ideas before writing the true code, and it can be transferred into any programming language.
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A formal programming language is one that can be compiled and ran (like C).
Pseudo-code is not in any specific language. It simply shows you the logic that one would use if they were to write a program.

Pseudo code is the written text you need to communicate that idea. An algorithm is a systematic logical approach used to solve problems in a computer while Pseudo code is the statement in plain English which may be translated later into a programming language (program).

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It depends on who you ask. For some, programming is just implementing an already-made design in a specific language, but for others, it involves also the design, testing, and documentation. Coding is usually only used about the implementation part, so the two words may or may not be synonymous depending on who you ask. That why I prefer to get knowledge in this area. For deep learning suggest you get c# tutorial

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I am also interested in this question and I haven't found anything on the internet. I'm new to angular and server-side programming. I've seen some articles saying that formal programming languages are best suited for writing web applications. Also I have read about angularjs performance test. How do they apply to javascript/sprinty/angular/angularjs? So, what is the difference?

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