What Is Difference Between CorelDraw And Adobe Photoshop?


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Both software are used to design graphics. The core difference, between these software, is the technology on which they base. The CorelDraw used vector base technology and the Adobe Photoshop uses Raster base technology.

The vector base technology provides the way to draw the graphic using geometrical figures and shapes. All the work is done by using the shapes and figures. We can change the shapes. We can edit the properties of the shapes. The properties of a share are its color, outline, outline style, outline color and thickness. We can resize and move the shapes easily. CorelDraw is not the only vector base software. The other are Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Fireworks, Instant Artist, Print Artits and Aldus Freehand.

The raster base technology is also called the pixel base or bitmap base technology. All the work is done on pixels. We can select the pixels by using special tools. We can reform the image. We can edit the images/pictures. We can mix up two images. We have different effects for the images using plug-ins. The other vector base software is Corel Photo Paint.

Both technologies are used according to the requirements. Sometimes we need to work with vector base technology. Specially, when we want to draw curves and complex shapes. And sometime we need to use raster base technology when we need to work with images and pictures.
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Corel Draw is a vector (line) based program, similar to Adobe Illustrator. It is great for drawing, creating graphics, etc. Photoshop is raster (dot) based. It is great when creating four color images, working with photos, designing posters or flyers that will only be printed digitally. When creating something in Photoshop you have to be careful during the initial document set up. If you are creating a web image, your resolution (dpi) should be between 72 and 150, but if you plan to print what you are creating you need 300 dpi or greater.
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CorelDraw - or any graphics program - if you know how to use it. Graphics programs were developed for illustration and ePosters are illustration. It's just easier to create and arrange elements using graphics software. Photoshop will do the job, too, but it won't look as "illustration-y" as a poster made with a graphics program. It look more like art with text. Which one you use depends on the look you want. This PPI Calculator helps you to calculate your screen density.

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Well botrh programs are equally good and quite the same but photoshop focuses more on things like brightning and adjusting photos to make your photographs look more eg.your dream wedding or best birthday.coreldraw is less efficent on infomation

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