How To Use Blend Tool In CorelDraw?


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The blend tool is CorelDraw is used to transform one object to another through a progression of shapes and colors. CorelDraw supports different types of blends i.e. Straight line blend, blends along a path and compound blend.    To use the blend tool in CorelDraw, draw two objects (circle, square, text, line). These objects can be of same type or different types. The colors of the objects may vary. In short the both object must have some difference to show. Select the Interactive Blend Tool from the tool box. Click on the one object and drag the mouse to second object. The blend effect will be created. Now we can change its properties.    We can increase of decrease the number of steps. We can set the blend direction by changing the angle. We can set the color transform settings. The color transform is set to direct blend. We can set Clockwise Blend or Counter Clockwise Blend.    We can set this blend to any path. A path should be an open shape (line, half circle, etc). Draw the path and select the blended shape. Select the path properties icon from the property tool bar. Choose new path and click on the already created path. The blend will be adjusted to that path automatically. We can move the start and end objects to set the blend path as per our requirements.

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