What Is A Transient , Volatile Keyword Means In Java?


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The word transient applies to object-oriented programming, (OOP) which is a programming paradigm used by computer programmers. A programming paradigm uses objects in the design of applications and computer programs. The use of this type programming in software development began in the 1990's and can be found in several computer languages such as Sqeak, Cation script, Java, JavaScript, C#(C Sharp), VB.Net and others. All of these languages and others support OOP.

Object-programming is like a collection of cooperative objects, which acts as a list of instructions to the computer. In OOP each and every object can receive a message, process the data and send the message on to other objects. So, OOP is written (programmed) in such a was that a conversation takes place among the objects. To me it is amazing the way programmers can sit down at a computer and put together a program, which appears to most us as gibberish, and our computer does what we want it to do. How did they know what I wanted to do? It is amazing!

Two common words used in reference to the development of an Object-oriented Database is persistent and transient. The persistent means the object sticks around. Just like persistent children who keep asking until you give in and say, yes to their pleas! Persistent objects stay in place when a program is closed and when you reopen the program the object is still present. A persistent object never goes away.

Now, a transient object is just the opposite of a persistent object. When close down the program this little guy gets mad and goes away. A transient object is created by a programmer in the memory and gets lost when the program ends.

The use of persistent and transient objects is found in a database, such as JADE one of the object-oriented programming languages. The JADE database manipulates the object-oriented programming language to make it appear as though all objects in a database are located in a local memory and shared by all users connected to a system who could access the code, but using transient objects prevents this from happening. Go to the link below for more help!

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