What Is The Difference Between A Reserve Word And A Keyword In Java?


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Java is generally referrers to the combination of three main things; Java programming language, Java Virtual Machine, Java Platform. It can run same software on different types of computer, Phone, TV and other devices. Java has been used for large projects as well as for small programs called Applets. Applets are entrenched in web page.
Reserved words are words that cannot be used as Identifier. In Java reserved words are const and goto. These words are not currently used in Java. True, false and null are marked as reserve words in Java and cannot use them as identifies.
Keyword is a word that has special meaning in certain context and has a meaning to compiler/interpreter or Keyword is a reserved word and cannot be used as variable, methods and classes. As Java keywords are predefined so these words can be use according to the predefined rules. In Java keywords are class, interface, abstract, public, protected, private, static , final, finally, new, return, if, while, throw, throws, synchronized, transient , volatile, native, int, etc.

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