What Is Difference Between Instanceof Operator And Getclass() In Java?


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GetClass() method in Object Class :

String s = new String();

System.out.printl />
Returns the runtime class of an object. Here object is 's' and its type is String so it returns String


instanceof is a keyword.
It checks an object reference if that defined by a class or its subclasses and returns a boolean value;
The instanceof Object will return true for all object references, since all Java objects are inherited from Object. Note, that instanceof will always return false if is null.
instanceof ClassName


dog instanceof Dog   ::   True
dalmatian instanceof Dog   ::   True
dog instanceof Dalmatian   ::   False

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The reason that the performance of instanceof and getClass()
== ... Is different is that they are doing different things.

  • instanceof tests
        whether the object reference on the left-hand side (LHS) is an instance of
        the type on the right-hand side (RHS) or some subtype.
  • getClass()
        == ... Tests whether the types are identical.

So the recommendation is to ignore the performance issue and
use the alternative that gives you the answer that you need.

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