What Is The Difference Between C, C++ And Java Languages?


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Programming languages are of two types, namely;
(a). Modular or function-based Programming Language
(b). Object-oriented Programming Language.
(a). Modular Programming Language: A programming language is called Modular if it supports methods. A method or a function is a block or section of code that is logically associated with each other. This section or block of code has got its specific or particular name. Whenever a programmer wants to execute the specific block of code s/he used the name of that particular section or block of code.
(b). Object-oriented Programming Language: A programming language is called Object oriented if it has the support to create or develop classes in it. Class is an abstraction of a real-world object and is used to define the characteristics, qualities and actions performed by the object for which the class is written. For example, a teacher is an object and if we want to write the class for a teacher then it'll include the characteristics, specifications and actions perform by a teacher.
C is a modular programming language and doesn't have object-oriented features in it.
C++ supports both modular and object-oriented features.
Java is a completely object-oriented language as it doesn't allow modular programming. In Java every object has to be defined in terms of a class.
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C is a procedure language
c++  is a c with object oriented language  
java is a pure object oriented language
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C is top to bottom programing langauge,c++ is bottom to top and java is self dependent  progreaming langauge
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C is a procedure  oriented language .

C++  is c with object oriented language.

Java is truely object oriented.
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C++ refers to a general-purpose programming language. Which comprises of both high-level and low-level language features. It has features such as static typing, free-form, multi-paradigm, usually compiled language supporting procedural programming, data abstraction, object-oriented programming, and generic programming. Whereas Java is a programming language that is based on Sun's Java platform. The language is based on C++ syntax but has a simpler object model and few low level facilities.
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C is a middle-level language because it stands in between High-level language and Low-level language.Programs written in C are efficient and fast.It is used in structured programming.

C++ is derived from the C language.C++ uses compile-time binding which means that the programmer must specify the specific class of an object. C++ programs are fast and efficient, qualities which helped to make C an extremely popular programming language.

Java is an object-oriented language built on C and C++.It derives its syntax from C and its object-oriented features are influenced by C++.It can be used to create application and applets.
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I'm Chinese, My English is not good. I think the main difference between C or C++ and Java in Object-oriented. In Language C or C++, we can extend one more classes. There are many problems from the method of extending, like the sequence of initializing the class before using it and the sequence of destroying the class. It's very hard for the beginner. So Java doesn't allow extending from more one class. On the other side , there is the same in C++ and Java.

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