What Is Best Out Of C Vs C++ Vs Java?


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If you want to program hardware interaction and all C is best
if you want to program games and software's C++ is best(C is also capable)
if you want to program portable stuffs like mobiles and all Java is best(can be implemented in c and c++ also)
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There is no hard and fast rule that will give grading to a programming language.

C is a modular programming language. It has got features for low-level programming also. It's suitable for developing embedded systems or applications that may require interfacing with hardware due to its low-level support. But the programs written in C language are normally not easy to maintain and up gradable that's why it's not suitable for developing large enterprise solutions.

C++ is a super-set of C but C++ has got object-oriented features also. It's suitable for developing enterprise solutions. But C++ is not platform independent.

Java is completely object-oriented programming language and it's robust language also. Java is platform independent also. But it's difficult to do low-level programming in Java as compared to C and C++.
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In My opinion

C/C++ is best for system programming like device driver or where you need super speed by leveraging native capability.

Java is best for application programming it let's developer to focus on application programming and not to worry about system things like memory allocation deallocation  because they use garbage collection etc.
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Just like to say to the last reply your don't seem to have a clue about what your talking about.

A virtual machine is not essentially a good thing. Running an application through a virtual machine rather than just running the executable can be increasingly memory consumptive.

C, C++ and Java ALL have the same levels or portability. All three languages will work the same in ANY environment given to them, unless they are dependant on environment specific libraries. This is not based on the language but the developer.

Where do you base your proof that C++ is a more error prone way of programming? This is like saying we should all develop using Formal Methods because it carries a low error rate.

Simple rule of thumb there is NO best language.

Trying to state there is implicates that you can prove a hammer is better than a screw driver.

There is the right tool for the job and nothing more to it.
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All of the above answers are either C++ biased or completely wrong C is put outta the question it is not comparable to the other two programming languages C++ and Java

C++ : No portability meaning hard to make games for two different consoles or software for two different machines HA HA

C++ : Procedural orientated meaning there is a constant structure in one class the is bad slow and much longer and error prone way of programming

C++ : No virtual machine no bytecode BAD

Java : Amazing portability by using the JVM and using bytecode means there is a binary standard use its software on any machine system or IC (integrated circuit) .!1

Java: Object Orientated language this is harder to learn (mostly why C++ programmers hate it)but much more money and time and software effective.

Java: Runs JVM incorporating bytecode AWESOME!!!

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