What Is The Advantage Of Java Over C++ And What Is The Difference Between Them?


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The Syntax of java is similar to C++ ,but java does not support Pointers,multiple inheritance,goto statement and operator overloading.Features of C++ that slow down application development cycle have been omitted in Java,like java has a garbage collector,so unlike C++ in java we don't need to deallocate the memory, or worry about memory fragmentations.
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The major advantages of Java:Object OrientedWrite once, run anywhere. Java has better portability than any other languages.Support multi-threading, socket communication, automatic garbage collectionSupport web based application (JSP, Servlet, Applet), distributed application (RMI, EJB, Socket) and network protocols (HTTP)Because of it virtual machine it is more secure.
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Java s biggest advantage is portability of code and its power lies in its APIs.It offers support to various types of applications and is a pure Object oriented language,while C++ is not.It is not Platform independent,but performance wise it is better than Java.
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Advantages of Java:
  1. Platform-independent
  2. Object-oriented
  3. Simple
  4. Distributed
  5. Interpreted
  6. Multi-threaded
  7. Robust
  8. Secure
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C++ is a Super set of C
C++ is object oriented programming Based Language
Java also OOP's Language
Data Encapsulation
Multi Threading
important is Platform independent you can Write a Program and Run in any Platform
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Java is easier, I mean its elegant, logical and makes more sense , it has a huge community , and of course its a platform independent "Write ONCE run anywhare"
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Java is purely object oriented.
OOP has many advantages over c++,which is partially O-O.
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No preprocessor.
   Far fewer special cases.
   No confusing features such as overloaded operators, independent
   functions, global variables, goto statement, structures, or pointers.

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