How To Check Whether The Given String Is A Palindrome Using Pointers In C++?


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// Test to see if a string is a palindrome
#include \\\"stdafx.h\\\"
void test(char message[]);
int Palindrome(char message[]);
void main( )
char message1[] = "able was I ere I saw elba";
char message2[] = "this is a toyota";
char message3[] = "a toyota";
void test(char message[])
printf("%s ",message);
if (Palindrome(message)) //Send pointer to message
 printf("is a palindromen");
 printf("is not a palindromen");
int Palindrome(char message[])
 // find end of message
int start, end, ret;
ret = 1;  // set return code to true
for (end = 0; message[end]; ++end); // find end of message
end -= 1; // backup to last character of message
for(start = 0;start != end; ++start,--end) // loop thru until we meet 
 if (message[start] == ' ') ++start; // ignore blanks 
 if (message[end] == ' ') --end; //
 if (message[start] != message[end]) // compare front 2 back
  ret = 0; // if not equal change return code to false 
  break;   // and get out  
return(ret); // return true or false
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Code does not display well in html. If you would like to me to email a formatted compilable version, just let me know.

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