Why Should We Use Pointers In C Language?


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c programmer without knowledge of pointers is equal to man without food.The importance of c language lies in the pointers. The advantage of pointers in c are
1.Dynamic memory allocation is possible with pointers.
2.passing arrays and structures to functions
3.passing addresses to functions.
4.creating data structures such as trees,linked lists etc.
there are many other uses.No pointers,No data structures. An expert programmer is one who can deal pointers.
For better understanding of pointers refer:
"Understanding pointers in C" by Yashwanth Kanethkar.
In this he elaborately explains pointers.
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1:pointers increase the execution speed
2:a pointers enable us to access a variable that is defined outside the function
3:pointres are more efficient in handling the data tables
4:pointers reduce the length and complexity of  a program
5:the use of pointer array to character strings results in savimg of data storage space in
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A pointer is a special kind of variable that holds the address of another variable
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The use of pointers in C language allows one to keep the hold of the variable or the literal's address. This address can then be passed on from a function to the other function. This whole process is done without the help of a multiple variable declaration. There are many OS that use pointers very extensively. If you know the address of the variable or the literal, then they can be called easily as the parameters.

This particular feature is what makes that C and C++ to stand out of most of the programming languages. The reason between these languages standing out of the other languages is that they usually bridge between the low level and the high levels of programming.
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A pointer is a variable which contains the address in memory of another variable. A pointer can point to any types of variable making it unsafe...but that's for another question :)
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The power of c language is pointer .
Pointer makes the programming in c interesting.
Through the pointer we can do anything in c language.

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