How Can I Do A Project On Image Compression Using Java Or Jsp?


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Java and JSP are the programming languages which are commonly used to do projects which involve the compression of images. The term Java is commonly applied to the Java platform which is developed by Sun Microsystems or the Java programming language. The Java platform includes the Java Virtual Machine (which is abbreviated as JVM). The JVM provides a uniform Java byte code emulator for Java's cross-platform runtime environment.

The Java programming language provides a robust, object-oriented language which is used for the construction of Java components and applications. The standard Java class library packages provides sets of services which are reusable and which promote consistency among components and applications. The Java programming language is based on C and extends and complements the basic capabilities of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Java allows the creation of applications and application modules, which are called applets. These applications and applets run in the JVM on the browser.

JSP is the acronym for Java Server Pages. JSP is defined as a mechanism which allows the Java source code to be embedded into HTML files. The source code is executed on the Web server by servlets, and the HTML which results is the output to the Web browser. JSP allows many types of developers to interact with both HTML and Java in designing the interface to Java applications.

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