I Have A Phillips Rear Projection HDtv 55pw9363. The Picture Has Double Images (red And Green) On The Bottom And Upper Left Corner. Are The I.C.'s Bad And Where Can I Get And How Hard Are They To Replace.?


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Dude I ran into the same problem. After several days of tyring to repair my Toshiba Rear Projection TV I found out that you have three TV projectors. One in the middle is sending a Green screen (it's your base) and to the right and left is Red and Blue projectors. They shoot a TV picture toward the rear of the your TV and a mirror (which I broke taking off the back instead of the front screen shield) sends the picture to the front of your TV screen. Now, these three projectors have to be lined up so you don't get a double picture. The RGB colors lined up together gives you the true colors you need to view a clean picture. Check your settings menu and select the picture adjustment (alignment). Go through the menu and find out where you can adjust the cross-hairs (red & blue). Remember Green is the base and can not be adjusted. Adjust the red & blue cross-hairs and your done. If you can't then one of the projectors is bad or worn out. Do not take the projector apart like I did there is a Glycol fluid substance in those lens. My blue one has a broken manual alignment ring adjuster so I unpluged it's spark plug wire and I'm just using the red & green for now. The picture is not top notch quality but it gives me time to save money for a new flat screen TV.
I hope this answers your question...

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