How Can I Repair My Sony Rear Projection Tv Which The Convergance Is Way Off And Words Are Blurred?


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It could be a convergence circuit gone bad. Quite a few of their models have this problem. You can try to manually fix the issue, (you'd have to play with the picture settings) but more than likely you will have to have it serviced.
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Sometimes it happens, but what actually is the problem you are having, can you elaborate it a little bit and the things  you have done to remedy the problem, might as well the model and chassis the  unit you are having. Have a service manual if you wish to do it yourself and it will guide you where the fault on your TV might be having.or have a professional do it for you.
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My sony 46 inch projection sometimes the picture on screen drops down about 3-4 inches and is kind of blurred.any one know why
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The convergence problems for your Sony rear projection tv is due to the damaged ics.You will need to replace them or if possible repair them but do remember to shut tv off first.

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