My Projection TV Has Lost All "Convergence". The Convergence Can Not Be Adjust Via The On-screen Convergence Menu. I Am An Engineer And A Hands-on Type Of Guy. Is There A Procedure I Can Preform To Remedy This Problem?


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You will have to replace STK392-110s you might have 150s upgrade with the STK392-180s, next is getting factory menu settings to regain convergence. I am still looking for correct factory settings for Panasonic PT-51HX40b chassis BP819 does anyone have that?
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For your projection TV to lose all its convergence ,I think this means that your IC has become faulty which in turn has made your convergence amplifier to malfunction.Go to a repair shop to have a thorough check up.
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I have the same problem. Did you find a solution to this?
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I have the same problem. Anymore news on this? Is there something I can do instead of bringing it to someone?

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