How Do I Replace The Bulb On A 60 Inch Sony Rear Projection Wega TV?


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If your TV is out of warranty, you face two main challenges. The first is finding a replacement bulb. You may be able to get one direct from Sony or from some specialist TV stores which are verified resellers of Sony stock. The second problem is getting someone to replace the bulb, and it may be difficult for you to do yourself considering that it is quite an advanced task. In some cases, you will be able to ring Sony customer services and request a callout for someone to conduct the requested amendments. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to pay for a professional to handle things for you without running the risk of the TV being damaged because you did something incorrectly. Once you have had the replacement bulb successfully installed, you will then have a set period of time in which you can call Sony out again should further problems arise due to a bad installation.

In some cases, you may find that the cost of replacing the bulb is too expensive, and you may opt to invest in a brand-new HD television that will equate to roughly the same cost. The advantages of upgrading also include the fact that you won’t need to have the worry of replacing a rear projection bulb on a regular basis, a massive inconvenience that can make maintaining the telly uneconomical. Good luck in enhancing your viewing experience, whether you opt to get a replacement bulb or not.
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The bottom panel in the front of the tv pops off similar to a car door cover. Careful it feels screwed but its not. There should be a door just left of center on the tv that has a plastic thumb screw. Undo the screw and that door should swing open and be able to be removed. There are 2 allen screws (the new bulb should have come with a wrench) remove the screws and the entire bulb assembly pulls out, reverse the steps and your in business. After your done if the tv will not stay turned on the door for the light bulb is not closed correctly the door has a sensor. I have a 42" wega and your tv must be similar . Good luck
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I am getting s double image and the picture is dim

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