What Do You Move To Align The Color On A Rear Projection TV?


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It sounds like your television has a convergence problem. If you have a remote control, you can try to fix it using that. First, press menu. Next choose manual. There should be a grid-like structure that appears on your television screen over the program you are watching. You can try and manually align the grid using your remote. If that doesn't work, you will have to try and repair the television manually.

The next option is to require you to open your television with tools. If you are not comfortable with doing this, you might want to consider calling a repair company or replacing your television. You will have to replace the STK ICs. The tools you will need are a convergence repair kit, soldering iron with solder and desoldering wick, and a screwdriver that is capable of unscrewing the screws in your TV. If you are not experienced with soldering, do not do this project. You need to unscrew the back of the television where the convergence mechanisms are plugged into. Next, you need to remove the convergence boards. Check the STK ICs to see if they are defective. The STK ICs are soldered into the convergence boards and must be desoldered with a wick and soldering iron. To replace the STK ICs, secure the new ones in place of the old ones using Thermal paste. Some of the circuits might be short so check them. Once you place the convergence boards with the new STK ICs. You must secure the backing of the TV with the screwdriver once again. Format the television using the menu to manually align the grid as described above. If replacing the STK ICs doesn't work, your television probably needs extensive repairs from a professional. If this is true, you might consider replacing it as repairs usually cost nearly as much to replace the television.
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If it can't be aligned  using the remote, you need to trace  Convergence Circuits

it can be from the resistors to the Convergence IC itself

And don't  sacrifice yourself buying cheap parts if you wish to do it yourself, you will also need to

replace the heatsink compound after replacing the Convergence IC.
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To perform a proper alignment, you always have to take the green line as reference.Then it will not have any problem.Bring the others that is blue or red to this green and make sure that green is at the center of your TV.
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My t.v has double vision on the left and right side of it but the middle of the television is is fine theirs no doubles vision or red and green double colors in the middle just on the left and right. How can I fix this??

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